Non-Sexist Beauty Competition

 What Is Beauty? 

A free non-sexist beauty competition to find different visions of beauty.


You can vote for anything, a person, picture, photo, place. poem, book, idea, meal, occasion, piece of Art, a feeling. This can be on this site or off, real or virtual. good looking or ‘ugly’ young or old, popular or unpopular,..

SUBMIT anything you think is beautiful. I will try and put it in ‘as is’..

You are not limited to one vote but please do not vote thousands of times.. Results will be published when the this page is updated. Images are posted in no particular order.

Initially votes will have to be emailed straight in. You can enter submissions (e.g. pictures, poems, etc.) by attaching files to your email. Or if you submit a site on the web you can send in your URL..

My vote goes to all the *wonderful people* whose pictures are on my site, many who aren't on yet and all the people who have sent me nice email. (If I have not answered you please forgive me. I lost a great deal of stuff during a hard drive transplant):-(


send some beauty

Beauty Lynda


Beautiful curvey S shape

And Carol who seems to be too shy to have her picture here!!!
Jan is very beautiful but is also too shy.


There are heaps of things I think are beautiful.  A glass of clear water
in the sun, the feeling when you plunge your hands into a bowl of flour
(self-raising!) The satisfaction of sitting quietly with a sketchpad and
pencil (or watercolours) and putting the vision onto paper.  Settling
down between clean sheets with a good book, that's *really* a beautiful
feeling. Sharing a meal with friends with whom you can laugh and be
yourself.  Sinking into the outdoor hot pools in the nude, in winter,
glass of wine in one hand, a friend in the other!
Watching someone get pleasure from something you gave them or did for
them (that Christmas morning feeling) Looking after someone, even it its
only temporary.  Being looked after by someone in return.
Sitting in silence for as long as it takes; smelling honeysuckle in the
evening, listening to the Thrush say 'goodnight'.  Watching spring lambs
form  a 'lamb-gang' in the afternoons, jumping and chasing exactly like

Being proud of your children.

That's my vote.
Love Lynda


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[The one top right looks like me when I was about 12 years old. Fortunately, I've put on a bit of weight since]

My body is in Brighton, my heart and soul are still in the lakes photographed by Ann Bowker


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