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When I get round to it I will tell you about myself and many many other very very interesting things.

My interests include: being happy about being Fat and liking other Fat People (not that I know any), Art, Chess which I used to be good but now do not have the time, meeting *Wonderful People* like yourself, learning to write second rate computer programs. I have tried Delphi (Brill), Visual Basic (OK), C (hardish), C++ (fun but hard) and have looked at other languages too. If needed, I build databases cheap for deserving causes, mainly in MS Access. I also like to write short stories which almost no one ever reads and early music is a passion. If you have any samples of early music let me know: As you may be hearing my web site urgently needs some better sounds.

I am fat, 42, 5'4" high, (I was 5.6' but got scrunched) rather unattractive and bald. There doesn't seem to be a very large que of BBWs ready to love me. At the moment I teach Information Technology to a variety of people including unemployed persons who undertake NVQs. I live in Brighton and Hove which is a fun, cosmopolitan town.

Previously I ran a Hostel for the Homeless, Taught Art to all sorts of groups including the blind, the mentally ill, homeless, major and minor offenders, and doctors. For some years I spent time successfully starving as an Artist.

I have used the net for over a year now and I am still fascinated by the variety of stuff available. I am pleased that there are mostly positive images, a lot of kindness, variety, intelligence and fun. Although I feel that women are not always well treated (except in most of the BBW sites). We will all have to help change this. Make the world one big happy BBW site. We could make a start with a BBW site here in Britain.

All ideas welcome. Do wonderful things, email me at:

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Fat People Are All Beautiful

Oh Dear! John Isn't Is He.

Well there is always an exception to every rule

I am amazed that anyone visits this page

but over 10,000 people have visited this site!

Another Normal Exception Here.

And Here. Blimy! They keep multiplying.

Thank you for visiting and please do look at my other pages

Me rambling on about Sex and Love:

and I mean rambling, really dull rambling
It seems to me that we all want love. If we canít have love almost all of us want sex..

I am fond of the CAKE SHOP ANALOGY, but I wouldn't read it and I wrote it.

One day you go into a cake shop wanting a big squidgy cream doughnut. The next you really fancy an apple Danish. You may be unlucky and get what you want. If they have run out you look at what they have and you choose from that. You probably do not choose the best looking creation as the last time you tried it you thought it was a bit sugary. You may go for something new, or something the shop assistant directs you to. You may choose your second favourite, or something you hardly ever have. If you find there is only one cake left and you are hungry you will gladly eat that even if it is not the type you normally like.

Whatever you choose, after you have eaten it you will probably think: ĎThat was good. Why donít I have more of that type of cake next time. í Unless you ate what you usually have in which case you probably take it for-granted or it makes you sick. .

If you are eating a cake it does not stop you from wanting others. Maybe all the others. But you will not be greedy. You will probably only have the one, although, if you could you might be tempted to scrape off a bit of cream or break off a bit of icing. Of course polite people don't do this..

Meanwhile, the cake shop, trying to control the vagaries of fashion and supply, tries with its clever displays to direct you to eat the cakes it wants to get rid of. Mostly you fall for this and do not even know you are being manipulated.. The next day the shop looks at what it has sold. If it sold what it was pushing it pushes it again.

Isnít life and love rather like this? Most of us do not end up with what we consider the best looking person ever. Mostly our view of what is good looking changes from day to day. Probably, we do not think the sort of person we are told we should find beautiful is actually all that good looking, but we do not want to disagree or stand out from the crowd.

Sexual preference is not the same as cake preference. No one shouts at you too much if you prefer a cream doughnut to a low fat scone. I donít understand why, but we all know people who get very uptight about other peoples consentual sexual preference.

Here in Brighton, for instance, there is a large gay community. Being fat is just about the worst crime there is. Except if you are female when, if you are fat, you must be a lesbian. Some of my lesbian friends really believe that if you are a man you must either hate them (because you are in competition for the same women) or some think men believe that if said lesbian slept with him this person would be bound to change her sexuality immediately. There is also a large homophobic evangelical movement. I know a gay Christian who spent ten years feeling bad about his evil inclinations. Then he got married and is presently making his wife miserable which violent but heterosexual relationship, presumably, is far less sinful and is what God wants. Hallelujah!.

There is so much variety in the great cake shop of life we should celebrate it all and not leave any cakes on the shelves. It seems very obvious that we should not be worried if we or our partners fancy another cake.

Me, I want a large squidgy cream doughnut. Or perhaps a big round cream sponge that is big enough for eight people. I will gladly settle for a stale dry scone.

Would you like another slice of angel cake, dear?

short story
a soppy short story
Isn't Life Wonderful!

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