So What Goes On In Brighton?

Brighton is a busy, noisy, slum of a place. Wedding cake facades hide decrepit buildings made of rubble. Disgusting poverty sits alongside incredible affluence. The young student population lives cheek by jowl with retired and elderly people. The rich live in the same road as the poor. Little palaces sit next to the many hovels unfit for human habitation. A few bigots and racists live here as do thousands of wonderful people from all parts of the world. Millions of tourists visit each year from every continent. The most exotic cliques happily mix with the mundane anoraks.

If you have money there is too much to do. It is a brilliant place to come with friends yet there are many people living alone, friendless in bedsit land. It has the largest homeless population of any UK city ouside London yet it is one of the richest towns in Europe.

It is a place for a dirty weekend. It has the biggest gay population of any city outside London. There are dozens of tart cards in every phone box. There are straight pubs, young pubs, old pubs, gay pubs, transsexual pubs and lesbian pubs. Next door there are straight churches, gay churches, young churches and old churches. The local massage parlour even sits next to the social services office.

You can meet famous actors and super models on the bus. In the local pub, when the party conferences are on, you can chat to the politicians who run the country. Or you might sit in your dwelling for months on end with no one knowing or caring. You can live in the town and never leave or you can escape outside a couple of miles and walk on the Downs and in almost hidden valleys. Brighton is beautiful and beastly, disgusting and yet desirable, decadent and decayed, drab but delightful, colourful and grey.

So what goes on in Brighton? Not what is in the photos.


The World famous pavillion only looks like this if you lie down in a flowerbed.

The pier is a just a noisy amusment arcade on stilts.

This would be the most realistic view except that there are almost always hundreds of people here. There are also a few homeless people lying on the benches and sleeping in the shelters at any time of day or night.

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