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The stuff on this page is freeware. I built it many many years ago in Delphi 2 at breakneck speed. (Delphi is brill.) They work fine and I would be pleased if anyone used them but in the unlikely event of you finsing a bug please let me know about it. Feel free to ask me for upgrades.

To download click on the links and save to disk. There is no need to install these programs but you will have to make your own shortcuts. At the moment they only work under Windows 95 and NT I think.

If anyone wants me to upgrade these or any other similar software let me know and don't forget to keep nagging.

Click to download a quick HTML editor/assistant
presently at a very early stage.

(It took a few hours. Think what you can do with Delphi in a few weeks!

Download a quick Calendar program
and find out how many days old you are.

I race with a friend to make calendar programs.
Here is another. It is also freeware.

Note: The progs on this page should take between 1 and 3 minutes to download

I use a version of the calendar program quite a lot. However as I have many similar versions on disk I am not sure if these are the best versions although they look fine to me. The HTML editor should work OK but has not yet been tested.

There should be no problems with any of the programs on this page but the usual warnings about me taking no responsibility for any damage apply.(Best to be responsible.)


John's Nice Old Home

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