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I have no idea why I feel compelled to put these faces on my page but here they are: faces of different ages nicked from Dimensions mainly. Unfortunately, I have not asked most people on this page for permission to use their images as the way I put the page together made it almost impossible. If you are upset that your face is here or not here please let me know. I stopped when the page took too long to load. Once again the pictures are in no particular order and some of the scans are not too good. I made them the same size to make them easier to see. The original is behind. If you would like your picture to link to your page I will be very glad to oblige. Please email me your URL. Any better scans would be appreciated.

sherry Angel sent in by Neil from the UK Slightly Mad Alice In Disguise Diane super size modelExotic Tigga

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*Fat People Are Beautiful*

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