The Young Parretts

Parrett: famous for inventing the neo-classical cooker.

In a couple of weeks I hope to have a picture of this on display on the art pages. Parret being young
Would you trust this man with hundreds of millions of pounds to build your railway station?

Most famous for storming into my flat and shouting:


It certainly is a hard life being an Architect isn't it. Fortunately it was not his money. Just other peoples which he gets to spend. Although they earn far more than most people Bettina likes to explain that they arenít rich. Parretts hobby is spending enormous sums of cash on flight sim software.

Bettina is a German language school teacher. Her ambition is to teach English in an English school. Although she is German she has a PhD in English gained at an English University. While this may seem remarkable, when asked why she does not want to teach in a university she explains that she is not intelligent enough.

Poor, unintelligent, strangely named... What else can go wrong? Oh. I forgot....Jamie teething! Things go from bad to worse. Betty dear likes to take Jamie to church. Unfortunately he keeps toddling off and running round to the front so the head religious person apparently keeps throwing them out for disrupting the services. Tragic what some people have to put up with.

Mind you somethings do go right. At the start of the year they had a new baby called Sam. Wonderful little brother for Jamie and even more wonderful sleepless nights for Smug and Bettydear.

It is finally worth mentioning that if you leave an email for Parrett he insists that you should only address him as Parrett if you went to Boarding School. He would like all others who attended state schools to call him Andy.

in the next week or two we should have some pictures of Parrett buildings.
In fact, as soon as I get a scanner this whole site might be worth looking at.

Parrett, Bettina, Jamie and Sam are wonderful people
Much nicer than some of Parretts buildings:

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Next Week: may be photos of the Parretts at play

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