Fat People Are Beautiful

John's Old Home Page

This site is antique!
I've put it back on line because a few people asked me to.
It was was started around 1995/6 and updated for the next couple of years.
Way back then this site even won a few long forgotten awards and was on tv a few times.
I'm fond of it because it brought me into contact with some very wonderful people and helped me make new friends from all round the world.

Because it is antique please bear with us while we update it and mend broken or outdated links

Love and Peace

Wonderful people! Please keep sending the email and pictures!

Isn't Life Wonderful!

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Oh Gosh! Even More!


Aren't You Wonderful!

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*Fat People Are Beautiful*
and if you are 'ugly' does it matter anyway?

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Isn't Life Wonderful!


Love and cuddles to everybody from John Carling here in Brighton, England

If enough people want I'll make a free gallery so you can upload your pics and write a bit about yourself.

If I do this it will always be free and may or may not be unmoderated.

this site probably looks best in 800*600 resolution and wasmostly made for MS IE 3+4. This is one of the oldest BBW/FA/BHM sites on the web. I'm very busy but nag me nicely and I will make a brand new free contact site for wonderful people.

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