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The Unicorn and Marti
Click here for big version

Winter by Bo

by Suzanne

Native American bead art by Meiwei

Native American bead art by Meiwei

Native American bead art by Meiwei

White lace by Roland Faesser

Winged Angel by Diana Mackin

By Neil Hetherington nph.bedlam@cableinet.co.uk

Lots of wonderful people email me really nice encouraging letters but not many of you have felt able to send in your own work. Why? Also, if you sent in a link, or gave me permission to put a pic or link here this will now be lost due to the terrible things that happened to my hard drive ages ago. Please write to me again. Those who have written since please nag me until I update my links page.

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See Some Art

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*Fat People Are Beautiful*

John Carling

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