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down This page is made up from some pictures I found on my hard drive. I do not know who most of the people are but I think they are all very beautiful women. If you know any of them email me and send in your pictures please so that I do not have to nick any more pics. If anyone objects to their picture being here (copyright etc) let me know and I will remove it asap. In the meantime I will add more soon and sometime in the near future I will start a sexy page if anyone wants

In the mean time I will get around to changing this page to thumbnails asap.

What beautiful people!
I would much rather see faces like this on TV and in the media rather than the usual 'supermodels' and other skinny persons we constantly get told we should look like. And (seeing as I am grumbling) why do people have to be young to be considered good looking? I don't know if I am odd but I like real people the way I see them.

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