A number of people have requested part two. Unfortunately I can't find it so I quickly rewrote something based on the original plan. I'll post the correct version if I ever do dig it out. The plots of the two versions are pretty much the same.

Part 2

Summer Love

The story continues


© John Carling 1997

For Julia and Dale that summer lasted forever. The cloudless sun filled their days in the woods, cooler fluffy cloud filled their times in the hay fields and the warm still nights merged with the day into one ecstatic bright time that chiselled a happiness into each of their souls that neither of them ever forgot. Many years later when they were old they were known for their happy dispositions.

They didn't think much about the future. For them the present was heaven on earth. Eternity. Peace. Stillness. Love. Light. Ecstasy. It seemed to be eternal joyous summer. Each day one of them would bring a little food or drink. When it was hot they would walk to a different part of the large wood touching as if by accident at every occasion. If they thought they were out of view they would gently, wordlessly reach for one another's hand. Eventually one would put an arm round the other's waist. Dale, the fattest, might get out of breath. Without thinking they would embrace, gaze, kiss and slowly sink to the ground. They would stay like this for hours eventually finding themselves naked, sleepy and wanting the moment to last forever.

When anyone asked what they had done that day they would not know. Together they would chorus "Being happy" look at one another and laugh.

Some days Julia brought a sketchpad. If she started to draw Dale's face she ended up staring into her eyes. Time had no meaning lost in the love look big-eyed gaze. When Julia decided she would draw Dale nude she got as far as unbuttoning the first blouse button before finding her face in the other's cleavage hours later A few times Dale brought some watercolours. She always started to paint Julia lying down fully clothed. By the end of the summer Julia had a sketchpad with a few light pencil marks making curves across the page. Dale had a couple of delicate yellow washes. The work meant nothing to anyone else but to the girls it meant joy, love, beauty, sex, eternity. Their love was a work of art. Perhaps that is the most beautiful work of art anyone could ever produce. Their Art was an act of first summer love.

They kissed and loved and cuddled and rolled and moved and petted and licked and stroked and rubbed and nibbled and came. Slowly the sum moved across the sky. One day was like the next. The girls had no idea what they talked about. They did talk. They knew that. They could never remember what they talked about. They did remember their love.

Julia spent those warm summer nights dreaming of Dale's boobs and her full tummy, thick thighs and beautiful profile. Dale carried with her Julia's huge love filled pupils and her full sexy smile, her voluptuous dress filling figure and long wavy hair. Dale was living in her parents' old caravan to get away from them. She dreamed of Julia's huge pupils almost completely hiding her iris. White teeth glistening in the sun. Arms that Dale had to kiss. Dreams of ecstasy that were their reality. A peaceful, slow moving time that passed too quickly.

Sometimes when they found themselves loving in a hayfield they would eventually wake up dreamily if the sun got too hot, or if the gentle zephyr turned a little chilly. They would wonder if anyone had seen them form the surrounding hills. Sometimes they would pull on their clothes quickly. They always ended with them off again later.

Once or twice they crept back to the caravan and spent the night together. They had to be careful as any movement made the old thing creak. One balmy night they spent under the stars just looking and feeling and happy




The only break in this happy routine was on Sundays when Julia went to church. Sometimes she went with her family but often now she went on her own. Dale had long since stopped going to her church but usually would sit patiently outside the Catholic Church waiting until the mass was over. Once or twice she crept in to the church and sat at the back. The man who gave out hymnbooks was ever so welcoming. The services were almost the same. She couldn't see why there was a problem between the two churches. In church she dreamt of Julia's eyes. One time she blew a kiss towards the altar as if to say 'thank you God'.

As luck would have it the young priest usually said the Mass Julia attended. More than once he was glad there was an altar rail to press up against while giving out communion to her. One time he missed two pages of his sermon when she sat in full view of him wearing hot-pants and a tight tee shirt. Fortunately, no one noticed.

For a while it was as if his whole life centred around seeing her, so much so that he came to despise the thin leggy blond woman he occasionally had sex with. He hated this woman's makeup but most he hated the way she always managed to look like she had a fake tan. Julia, he mused, never wore any makeup.

Occasionally the mass was concelebrated. He quickly found out that the old priest touched him at every opportunity. The significance didn't escape him. Eventually, over a couple of weeks the old priest grew bolder and used to tousle his hair at breakfast. Sometimes he would rest his hand on the others shoulder or neck. The curate found himself almost encouraging the attention. He wanted more of it. One mass when Julia was not there the young man found himself thinking anything would better than the thin leggy blond. He started thinking fondly of the older priest. Somehow this made him feel less guilty. Maybe this wasn't breaking his vow of chastity.

The older priest started taking more and more risks. He touched the curate at every opportunity. He never made an overt suggestion or a pass. That he knew would be wrong. It would be an abuse of his position. It would also be dangerous.

Some nights later the young priest woke from his sleep to go to the bathroom. He always wore nothing. Maybe he wanted what happened. Maybe he loitered in the hallway a little longer. Maybe the other was a little bolder, but as he came back to his room he saw the other man's door open and a shape glistening in the moonlight. Silently he pushed the door open and walked inside. The older priest was standing in the moonlight arms by his side. The curate quickly grasped the other in his arms and realised that they both already had erections. Kissed him passionately. Silently, wordlessly the two men sank on to the bed.

In the morning the curate woke to find the sun streaming in the room. He was alone. Dressing quickly he walked downstairs slightly apprehensively. The housekeeper had come in early and was serving breakfast. Both men sat silently eating while the old woman chattered on clearing up as she went. Eventually the old priest announced that he had to visit the local town and would not be in for lunch. This was idle banter. The other two both knew this beforehand.

Later that evening the old priest came in and ate the sandwich the housekeeper had left for him. He maintained exactly the same polite attitude as always. It was as if nothing had happened. After an hour or so with the two watching the television almost in silence the curate stood up yawning something about being tired and needing an early night. He walked into his room and messed up the bed slightly. Then he walked into the other bedroom and climbed into the older man's bed.

Five minutes later the older priest walked up the stairs. As he walked into his bedroom his face lit up. Again silently, but obviously much more happily he climbed into his own bed next to the curate. Silently, almost tearfully he kissed the young man.

The curate pulled away. He liked the other man. He even fancied him. He certainly fantasised about him. Somehow he knew he did not love him. It was not right to kiss. He knew the old man loved him. The curate felt good about this. He was giving himself to make another happy. That, he reasoned was not a sin. That did not break his vow of chastity. Kissing he felt was almost returning the love. That was leading the other on. He reasoned that sex with the old man was not lust it was comfort. There was nothing wrong with providing comfort.

Although he usually slept with the older man he never did permit mouth to mouth kissing. Everything else was OK. In time he found he was thinking less and less about Julia and more and more about the old priest. Eventually he even stopped ruffling his bed before climbing into the old man's arms.




Julia and Dale thought of themselves as if they were one person. The only time they spent apart was at night or more correctly in the early hours of the morning.

Slowly while love stayed as love, the world turned, the season changed. Imperceptibly the leaves changed colour, the grass grew brown, one or two of the hay fields got cut. The cloudy days started to outnumber the sun filled times.

Almost by sudden the days came when the girls had to prepare for art college. They did it together. Julia did it without thinking. Dale, although most people thought she was not as clever, was better organised and made plans for the two to visit the local town to buy art materials the Friday before they started at college.

As soon as they left the train the noise and frantic activity of the town hit them like a hammer blow. Excitedly, almost like children, they ran around buying things from the local art shops. The college had sent a list of what to buy to all the new students and Dale organised the day so that they bought the art materials first then went for a luxurious cup of Jasmine tea in a cute little café just off the market. Afterwards they went window-shopping and looked at the busy September crowds. By the end of the day they had timed the daily trip to college, had an exciting day out and purchased two of everything on the list except Gombrich's History of Art. They reckoned that they could save a little money by sharing the book. Julia reckoned it would give them a chance to sit together during lectures.

Still excited, on the train journey back home it dawned on Julia that this was almost the end of the glorious summer. Very soon there would be no long hot days of love. She would not be able to kiss Dales honey lips and lovely fat tummy all day long. Soon they would be at college. They would have a new life together. It would be full of love for one another but maybe it would be a life with far less contact. Much less physical love. A life with more to do. A life with new responsibilities. She found the prospect thrilling but also felt just a little sad that the glorious happy days of summer love were over.

Almost able to pick up on Julia's thoughts Dale slowly came to the same conclusion. "Ee. It'll be grand. All that busy town every day! I 'ope they put us in t'same class" she murmured.

Julia who had been sitting opposite so she could look at Dale all journey suddenly changed seats sitting next to her. Using a whisper as an excuse she kissed the other's ear and, as girls will, they burst out giggling.




Their journey into the New World had begun. Not with hope and calm as they had expected but with an almost palpable smack of gloom and delay as they stepped into the busy drizzle damp train full to bursting with hacked off, time served commuters. Finding there was no space in any of the carriages they almost ran through the crowd to the guard van. They loved days like this. Slumping all over the huge heap of mail the two girls were able to sit touching one another giggling at the gloomy crowd. Under a mail sack their hands accidentally touched and their fingers entwined.

Just before they slumped into a happy silence Dale mused "Ee. Just think. We'll 'ave to do this journey everyday f't' rest of ar lives. Ar wonder if we'll like it in a few years time?"

Julia wondered why she was making it now. Quietly in her heart she knew why they were going to Art College. If they didn't they couldn't be together. They would both end up marrying some farmer's son. That was the way of the country. The bit they knew at least. Though they loved the hills and woods they didn't want to live there. They didn't want to be farmer's wives. They both wanted to escape to town. She knew that. Art was a way out of a predetermined future. It dawned on her that they had never discussed the future. The present was so blissful that there was no future only timeless love. Only joy lay ahead of them. Only excitement and joy.




College was brilliant! Everyone loved them. No one had a better bunch of mates than the two girls. They could do no wrong. It was like school without the rules. It was just like having an art class all day long every day. The train journey, which could well have been tiring or boring, was filled with friends who lived further along the line. Cheery friendly banter filled the travel time.

As soon as the cold weather came Dale moved back into the farm cottage. Unfortunately her family wanted to know where she was going if she went out at night. They didn't mind Julia coming round but the girls never had any privacy. They both longed for the sunny hayfields.

Julia hid her old green Girl Scout tent in the wood and stocked it with water, fruit and biscuits. At weekends they could hide there. They didn't mind the cramped space. If it rained they dried one another and the cold gave them an excuse to be close together in a sleeping bag.

Eventually the girls were put in different groups. They didn't even notice at first. Dale's group almost always finished earlier than Julia's. At first she would wait for her friend. This meant that she missed the train and the couple had to wait for over an hour until the next one. Eventually, after Julia asked her not to wait, she started going home without the other.

It was over two weeks before either girl remarked on how little they saw of one another. It didn't even mean much to them. They were happy. Apart they worked, learned and made friends. Together they loved and were loved. When they were apart they had more to talk about when they came back together. Life was blissful, fun, active and full.

Dale used to travel home with Adrian and Shelly. Adrian delighted in trying to get her to speak in her natural dialect. Julia tolerated the company of Graham and Sam. Sometimes she would look out for them. Sometimes she would hide. She knew Sam was in love with both her and Dale. As for herself she found she had started to fancy Graham. Imperceptibly the girls made separate friends. Adrian made a pass at Dale much to her amusement. Julia agreed to go out to the pub at lunch time with Sam and Graham.

One weekend, two weeks before Christmas the girls were sitting in the little green tent discussing their first term in college. Dale burst out: "I wonder what boys are like. With nothing on I mean." Both girls giggled.

"Well they have a penis thing," said Julia.

"Yes of course I know that," said Dale "but what do they look like with nowt on? You know when they are ready for sex. When it goes hard?"

They both giggled. "We can practice on Sam or Adrian, " said Julia.

Almost seriously Dale asked, "I wonder if we will ever get married?"

"Only if we want kids," said Julia. "Who would you have?"

"Don't know. No one I know. I'd like that bloke off 'telly. You know the one," said Dale. "I wouldn't mind him."

"I quite fancy Graham," Julia whispered.

"He is quite good looking" Dale replied, "but he fancies his girl friend doesn't he."

"Yes lets stick with Sam" tittered Julia. "First one to get him to say 'Well go t' foot of our stairs' takes him t' bed."

"Ee ek I can't loose "giggled Dale.




Three weeks after the term had started Julia went with Sam to Shelly's party. Dale couldn't come. She was at home looking after her sister who was sick. As they walked to the party Sam grabbed her arm. She let him. A little later he clumsily grabbed her waist. She let him. Just before they got the house he tried to kiss him. She let him. Sam was an ordinary looking young man four inches shorter than she was. His kiss was nervous and clumsy. 'Poor thing' she thought. She really did quite like him.

Almost in a delicate attempt to find out what his parts felt like she manoeuvred her leg between his. In an effort to feel more of her he moved closer. Eventually, not knowing what to do he gently touched her breast. He ran his fingers over her. She let him.




Besides being short and fat and slow Dale was a very down to earth and practical person. Sometimes people mistook her unchanging calm and thought her stupid. Her broad accent didn't help. On the contrary she was a brilliant organiser and her beautiful but unglamorous appearance belied her charm, tact and considerable creative abilities.

"Oh but you are so sensitive and lovely," sobbed Julia. " So beautiful. I love you. You know I love you. I'll never stop."

"Ee t's alreet. I suppose I always knew we'd both get married one day. T's what women do. T's just that I didn't want it t' be this soon for either of us." Dale said her forehead touching the others. Their eyes meeting. "Ee lass, I do love thee"

Tenderly Julia lifted her eyes towards Dale's. She kissed the tears running down the other's cheeks.

"Its all right" she crooned. "I love you. I love you."

Tenderly the two hugged each crying. There bodies shaking together as they sobbed as one.

"I love you too" cried Dale unable to finish.

After a long while when the tears had stopped Julia continued "But I love him" she continued at last. "I want to be with him too," she cried pulling herself away from Dale's lips.

Dale looked so sad Julia thought both their hearts would break.

"Will you still love me? How can you if you are with him? Have you told him about us? Really I donít mind. I knew it ud 'appen So we could 'ave kids if nowt else. Couldn't bear not t'ave kids someday." Dale whispered. "May'ap I should run off with t'other un."

Julia kissed her tenderly on the damp eyes. "I don't think I could ever leave you. You know that. No more 'un you could leave me. You know we always belong together."

"I don't mind really. I want you t'be 'appy." Dale murmured.

"I'll never be happy without you. You know that."

"Aye" answered Dale. "But what about 'im. Could you be 'appy with out 'im? You know I'd never want you t'be un'appy. I want you t'be as 'appy as you made me."

"I love you both" sobbed Julia as Dale comforted her. "I love you. I love you."

Later she asked "But don't you fancy Adrian even a bit? "

Dale didn't answer she just cuddled Julia. She cuddled her all through the night until the weak February daylight filtered through the tent from the watery grey sky. Then she lay down and the two girls kissed gently hugging one another against the cold. "I love you" they both chorused together as the happiness came flooding back.

"I love you. I'll never leave you " Julia murmured, her heart full of summer once again.

"I love thee" murmured Dale as she kissed the only love she would ever have. Her heart sang with joy.

The snow began to fall.


Thank you for reading this and

Please tell me what you think of this story

©John Carling 1998

(there are plans for parts three, four and five if anyone is interested)



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