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Thank you for visiting. Visit again soon. I just looked through this page and found about quarter of the links did not work. Best for all the links to work. Terrible me. Grovelling and begging of forgiveness if you asked me to update your link and I didn't. If you do want your page linking send me an email with your URL. I would also like it if you would put a link to my site on yours. Best to get lots and lots of visitors. Must say I have the great favourites folder problem: The whole world seems to deserve to be in my list of favourite sites. What sort of site do you think belongs on here?

Have you checked out the links behind some of the pictures? Keep nagging me if I promised you a link and haven't got round to it yet.

Good here isn't it?


Aren't You Wonderful!

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The World's Dullest Site Complain about everything here
Cindy's Flabulous Site  Dragons
Clever HTML Stuff  Beautiful People
The Hills I Love Huge Art Site by Carol Gerten
Native American Stuff  The Week In Chess

Alas! There used to be more links here but they have all broken over the years.

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*Fat People Are Beautiful*

And if you are ugly and thin does it matter anyway?
Can you not love and feel the same?

(nearly Charles Laughton) Isn't Life Wonderful!



Love and cuddles to everybody from John Carling here in Brighton, England

Isn't Life Wonderful!

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