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This page contains some OLD photographs. I will put some new ones on when I get a digital camera or a scanner. Later this month I hope to put thumbnails in place of the photos.

This picture is about 10 years old and is of a brilliant, zany but mad person called Louise. She gave herself the nickname ‘Dog’. A photographer (called John) and I took some pictures and I started a painting of her. She really hated this photo because she thought it made her look fat. If she gets in touch again I will ask permission to tell her extremely interesting story. I really liked her parents too. Her mother looked about 2 years older than Louise and sounded identical on the phone. Her father seemed to be one of the gentlest, easygoing people you could ever meet.
This picture is about 12 years old and is of a gorgeous person called Babara. She was the photographer at Lewes Castle after John Chase left. (He took the photograph.) Of course, I and everyone else fell madly in love with her. Below is a photo of Catherine, Babara and Holly. Catherine was one of the kindest and loveliest people I ever worked with. She would really put herself out for people although she hid behind a funny facade of vitriol. There were many other wonderful people at the Museum but at the moment I have not got any photos of them to hand. Another brilliant artist and BBW at the museum was Helen. She was gorgeous; as were all the other wonderful people now that I come to think of them. I wonder where they all are now? There are too many of them to list except no one could forget Mandy and Fiona and Christine and Green and Bowels ....

Here is Martine, the dear ex-wife before we divorced many years ago. She had just come in from a snow storm to shout at me. She still shouts at me when I meet her. She definitely is not a BBW although she is a very beautiful thin person. At present she is working as a psychotic nurse. Most of her clients are much saner than she is and they probably do not shout at anyone.

There are many many other *WONDERFUL* people I want to tell the world about but at present I do not have any photos or scanned images to hand. I just have to tell everyone about Jo and Estella and Lynda and Julie and Julia and Dale and Anna and Kay and there are far too many to name including all the people I work with at present. That is just the women. Then there are also all the wonderful men I know who are also to numerous to mention. Where to end? Where to start? I never did learn how to fall out of love with any of the people I meet.

Besides beign very lucky with such wonderful friends I have many other interests. Here is a photo of a factory. It is also about 10 years old. (All my photos are: I gave up photography about 8 years ago.) It took about 20 minutes exposure on the widest aperture and the ability to mess around with the shadows shows why photography and computers are brill. I intended to turn the image into an etching but never did. One day...

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*Fat People Are Beautiful*

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