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Comments suggestions and relevant materials welcome and needed.

Brighton has a sexy image. People come here for dirty weekends. It has large straight, bi, gay and lesbian communities.

It is intended that this adult site should cover all aspects of sex in Brighton and Sussex. It will be self financing and should cover any form of sexual activity, erotica, where to go, fact, history, belief, information, notice, literature or educational material.

There will be no abusive or non-consensual sex although it is likely that some people will be offended by the content which will be explicit. The site content will be controlled by a committee but the site designers will have a large say.

Initially the main categories are going to be

As the initial designer I have been commissioned to carry out a feasibility study into the site. It is envisaged that income needed to pay for regular updates will be generated by selling advertising space mainly to local parties.

Please title enquiries, submissions and comments Sex in Brighton and send to here. A list of prices for advertisers is available on request. All correspondence will be treated in the strictest confidence and /or deleted immediately.

Initially proposed and sponsored by a number of medical persons from different fields it will be of assistance to visitors and town people. Parts of it are intended to be of use to young people who seek information and reassurance. It was felt that erotic material would attract a much larger number of visitors and on-line adverts might help remove some from phone boxes. Some legal concerns have been raised about this advertising. At present the position is not clear.

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