Gorgeous Beautiful Tamara

And Jim The Shy Football Lout

Tamara is a wonderful person who is only very slightly off her rocker
Jim is the bloke who gets to pay for the taxis

Wonderful Tamara

Tamara After Not Taking The Tablets

Tamaradear is an absolute dream. She even likes nerds! Her hobbies include getting excited at work which she has sensibly just walked out of, learning to sculpt fat men and spending inordinate amounts of money on Truffles, expensive watches and other essentials. She has an interesting ability to swear like a drunken trooper and likes very old, odd or strange things.

Tamara is extremely good at cooking and nagging people about what they eat. She enjoys conversing with her ancestors and anyone else who happens to be passing. As you would expect she is one of those very embarrassing people you can't take anywhere. Given half a chance, if there is no one around to talk to (or even if there is), she will usually start talking to vegetables. When there are no potatoes to talk to she enjoys hearing other people tell her all their problems.

Besides talking to vegetables in supermarkets her greatest skill is asking people to call her a taxi. (No one has yet said "Tamara, you are a taxi" so she keeps doing it.) She does not use the bus even when it is the only available method of transport: "I don't do the bus thing" she insists. Instead she uses taxis for long journeys like up the escalator or to the other end of the shop.

Jim on the other hand likes football (terrible game) and biting the heads of jelly babies. He is not too keen on paying for the taxis but puts up with it because he is happy and gets to eat lots of cake. He is also good at making household furniture and is very interested in one particular caption competition. When you think about it he is stranger than she is.

Tamara Cooking As Normal

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